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Sweet Body Bars

Waffle 2.jpg
Is it food or is it soap?

You thought our body bars look edible, wait until you see this!

Soap Snax coming soon!

  • Fun soaps for all ages

  • Realistic in shape, size, scent and texture

  • Scented to match the treat they look like 

  • Same vegan ingredients as our body bars

  • Custom orders available


Handcrafted, vegan soap made in Virginia, USA

Our detergent-free and paraben-free soaps are handcrafted using only the best vegetable-based ingredients. Your soap will always be unique, no two bars are the same. So, with Kamiani’s soap you will always have a product exclusively crafted for you.

Kamiani Soap Co.’s body bars are created using aloe vera, shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, triple-butter, hemp seed oil or palm oil-free soap bases. The presence of nutrient-rich butters in our soap leaves the skin feeling hydrated and revived. These dessert scented bars provide luxurious bubbles and a thick, creamy lather. We infuse our soaps with essential oils, and many other vegetable-based oils, making each bar a sweet treat for the skin.

See our Design A Soap page for custom orders and white label details!