Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the soap on my face?

Yes. All of our soaps are gentle enough to be used on the face and body.  

2. Are all of your products 100% vegan?

Yes. All of our products are free of any animal-derived ingredients. They are also cruelty-free!

3. What about detergents and chemicals? 

Our products are paraben-free (free of harsh, unnecessary chemicals) and sulfate-free (detergent-free).

4. How should I store my soap?

If you are storing your soap in the shower, you can use a soap dish that allows the water to drain and the soap to remain as dry as possible. If you're not going to use the soap right away, keep it wrapped in plastic wrap to retain the moisture. 

5. What is the shelf-life of a Kamiani soap?

It depends on the specific ingredients. Our soaps that contain organic ingredients, such as flowers, may have a shorter shelf-life than a soap with our basic ingredients. On average, handmade soap will last 1-2 years if it has not been used and is stored correctly.  If being used, it has about the same shelf-life as a commercial soap.

6. Why buy handmade soap instead of store bought soap?

Store bought soaps are usually made with synthetic lathering agents, harsh chemicals, detergents and hardeners. Most handmade soaps, such as Kamiani soaps, are made using just the basics: butters, oils, lye, glycerin and few other necessary ingredients. Handmade soaps are also often made in small batches which makes it easy to control the quality of each bar. Store bought soaps are usually mass produced and contain synthetic preservatives which have been linked to multiple medical issues. 


7. What makes Kamiani soap different from the other handmade brands?

We provide everything you could want in a soap: great smelling soap that is full of skin nourishing ingredients as well as beautiful designs that are unlike any other brand. We don't consider ourselves soap makers, we are soap designers! We sell our own products, but we also offer customized soaps. So, if you have a design idea for a soap that you would like to have created, we can make that happen for you. See our Design A Soap page for more details. 


8. How do you make your soap?

We use the melt and pour method. We have selectively chosen vegan soap bases that we use for all of our soaps. We then hand pick which of our 80+ essential oils, carrier oils, fragrances, exfoliants and/or skin-safe soap colorants we want to add.  We decide on a design and test our new creations before adding it to our inventory. 

8. My soap has gotten darken over the past few weeks. Is something wrong?

No, not at all. This is a totally natural process called "vanillin discoloration". Our sweet, vanilla scented soaps contain a component called vanillin. Vanillin is an organic crystal that exists on the outside of the vanilla bean and contributes to the signature vanilla fragrance that we all know and love. When vanillin mixes with oxygen (oxidizes) it causes the soap to discolor, turning darker over time. This does not affect the quality of your soap at all. You can continue to use it as you normally would. 

9. OMG! Yum! This soap & Skin Smoothie smell like cake! Are they edible?

No. Our products may smell exactly like the treat they are named after, but none of our products are edible. Please do not eat them.